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Pacific Foundation is a Vancouver, Washington-based company specializing in
ground improvement, drilled foundation and shoring solutions. 

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We have successfully estimated, managed and constructed over $200 Million in ground improvement, foundation and shoring projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Hawaii. We service a variety of industries including:


Soldier Pile Walls

Pacific Foundation has vast experience in soldier pile construction in a wide range of ground conditions and access limitations.

From shoring walls located miles from the nearest paved road to the deepest city block shoring projects, our personnel understand the need for accuracy and the importance of maintaining the project schedule.

Our capabilities include:

  • Complete, permit ready design for soldier pile wall system.
  • Both permanent and temporary systems.
  • Painted, galvanized and coated piles.
  • Treated and Untreated wood lagging, as well as concrete panel and hollow core lagging.
  • Shotcrete soldier pile facing.
  • Carved shotcrete fascias.
  • Installation in sand, clay, rock, caving conditions, saturated soils, boulders and cobbles.
  • Remote access projects.
  • Low clearance applications.
  • Use of casing and CFA systems in unstable ground.
  • Public and Private projects.
  • Landslide remediation.
  • Drilled and driven soldier pile installation.
  • Drilled shaft soldier piles.

For the most Challenging Projects

Pacific Foundation is equipped to tackle the most challenging projects, on schedule and on budget, every time.  Enter your email address below to learn more about our design-build and portfolio of geotechnical construction solutions. 


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