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Pacific Foundation is a Vancouver, Washington-based company specializing in
ground improvement, drilled foundation and shoring solutions. 

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We have successfully estimated, managed and constructed over $200 Million in ground improvement, foundation and shoring projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Hawaii. We service a variety of industries including:

Dewatering Wells

Dewatering Wells

Pacific Foundation's personnel and equipment resources allow us to provide a wide range of services to our clients, allowing us to package various items of work into a single contract. This limits the need to coordinate between multiple subcontractors, as we can be your single point of contact.

These services include:

  • Full design-build Services for shoring and foundations.
  • Excavation, spoils handling, and spoils disposal.
  • Injection grouting.
  • Landslide Mitigation.
  • Virbratory hammer installation of shoring piles.
  • Crane and hoisting services.
  • Dewatering well and watering well installation.
  • Rebar fabrication.
  • Carved shotcrete facing.
  • Driven Foundation Piles.
  • Temporary and permanent sheetpile applications
  • Driven Pile
  • Nelson stud installation.
  • Displacement piles for foundations in contaminated soils.

For the Most Challenging Projects

Pacific Foundation is equipped to tackle the most challenging projects, on schedule and on budget, every time.  Enter your email address below to learn more about our design-build and portfolio of geotechnical construction solutions.