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Mantis 70-Ton Telescopic Boom Crawler Crane

Cranes are an integral part of drilling and shoring work, providing necessary support for the crews, as well as performing primary tasks such as hoisting and setting rebar cages and piling. Pacific has a diverse fleet of cranes including rubber tired RT cranes for work on asphalt or other stable surfaces, multiple 30-ton track mounted hydraulic Mantis cranes for hoisting smalls cages and soldier piles, and a 70-ton track mounted hydraulic Mantis crane for hoisting large soldier piles, casing or rebar cages for large diameter drilled shafts. 

Mantis cranes provide customized lifting solutions that meet the most unusual of project challenges. Thanks to the versatile combination of heavy duty telescopic booms, hydraulically extendable crawlers, and extremely compact dimensions, Mantis cranes can often get closer to a job than bulkier, fixed length lattice boom crawler cranes or rubber-tired cranes that need outriggers to work effectively.

No other crane combines so many valuable features:

  • Pick-and-carry the full crane load chart through 360°.
  • Lift and walk...even with tracks retracted.
  • Climb steeper grades more safely, thanks to minimized counterweight
    and low center of gravity.
  • Telescope or lift the boom with a full load on the hook.
  • Save time and money on the job due to its low clearance height, retract
    on-the-fly tracks and telescopic boom.
  • Independent hydrostatic track drive allows pivot turns to run rings around RTs.
  • Hydraulic tool circuit option powers wide choice of Mantis-approved tools.
  • New luxury cab with state-of-the-art operator aids.
  • Saves time and money on deployment and shipping with less haul vehicles,
    less time wasted on boom erection and fewer personnel on the erection crew.


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