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Klemm 909-2 Drill Rig

Because of their versatility, Pacific Foundation owns multiple Klemm drill rigs. 
The Klemm 909-2 is a 28,000 track mounted, dual hydraulic rotary drill rig used to construct micropiles, soil nails, tiedown anchors, tiebacks and small diameter dewatering wells.  

It can also be used for a variety of grouting operations or mounted to an excavator to allow the mast to reach areas inaccessible for a standard drill rig. 

Modular Design 

KR_806-3G_redBy fitting different drilling units (hydraulic drifter, rotary heads) a variety of other applications are possible, e.g. anchoring, micropiling, jet grouting and geothermal drilling.

The modular concept of base rig and drill mast makes it possible to upgrade them with different useful options. The rig is equipped with an optimized kinematic mast-to-boom link which offers a large range of slewing and mast positioning possibilities.

The kinematic enables:

  •  Drilling at 90° in front of the the tracks and with inclinations of up to 45°
  •  Drilling parallel to the tracks
  •  Vertical drilling with tilting function to both sides
  • Horizontal drilling in direction of travel and across the tracks to both side


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