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Pacific Foundation is a Vancouver, Washington-based company specializing in
ground improvement, drilled foundation and shoring solutions. 

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We have successfully estimated, managed and constructed over $200 Million in ground improvement, foundation and shoring projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Hawaii. We service a variety of industries including:

Bauer Equipment BG24 HB

Bauer Equipment BG24 HB


The Bauer BG24 (HB Model) is a 175,000 lb track mounted vertical rill similar to the BG22H. It is capable of constructing up to 96" diameter shafts in excess of 100 feet in depth and can be fitted with a torque multiplier for full-length casing applications.

In addition to the multiplier, the BG24 can also be fitted with the CFA and deep cement mixing systems, providing excellent versatility.

It is our primary deep cement mixing rig, capable of creating cement mixed columns up to 96” diameter in suitable soil conditions.  It is also fitted with a torque multiplier and can power our Bauer BV1500 oscillator using on board controls and hydraulics.  It has a typical operating weight of 200,000 lbs and is easy to transport and quick to set up. 

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