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Pacific Foundation PDX Airport

Pacific Foundation is a Vancouver, Washington-based company specializing in
ground improvement, drilled foundation and shoring solutions. 

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Grant Street Pier

We have successfully estimated, managed and constructed over $200 Million in ground improvement, foundation and shoring projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Hawaii. We service a variety of industries including:

Sellwood Bridge

Sellwood Bridge

Solutions: Soldier Pile Walls, Drilled Shafts, Soil Nail Walls
Location: Portland, OR


This large scale project included:

  •  The construction of 19,000 SF of permanent soil nail walls with lengths up to 45ft
  • 17,000 SF of permanent soldier pile wall with permanent tieback lengths up to 150 LF and design loads up to 300 kips
  • 42” diameter drilled shafts in sands gravel and cobbles with sockets in R4 basalt
  • Pre-drilling for driven bridge pilling using sectional casing advanced by a Bauer BG24H drill rig, and drilled shaft foundation using a barge mounted Bauer BG12H.
  • Access was limited to narrow benches and ground conditions range from caving soils with boulders to bedrock.


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