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Pacific Foundation is a Vancouver, Washington-based company specializing in
ground improvement, drilled foundation and shoring solutions. 

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Grant Street Pier

We have successfully estimated, managed and constructed over $200 Million in ground improvement, foundation and shoring projects in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Hawaii. We service a variety of industries including:

Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Plant

General Contractor: Hensel Phelps| Project Owner: City of Honolulu


Pacific Foundation utilized deep cement mixing at the sand Island WWTP in Honolulu to provide a water tight excavation over 20 feet below the water table in very challenging soils. 

The Sand Island Wastewater Treatment Project was a major undertaking that required a unique approach to overcome the challenging ground conditions which were very different than the surrounding area in Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. Sand Island had a core layer at nine feet and a sandstone layer at 20-25 feet that were both extremely hard. To address these conditions, a lot of engineering and creativity were required to come up with a solution that was unique to the job. The project required a much larger drill rig, a Bauer BG 40, and a second rig, a Bauer BG 33, to successfully treat the site. 

Watch the full video to learn more about the project! 


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