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Working Temperatures

Matt Jannings
Sep 4, 2019 1:43:00 PM
August and September are our two hottest months of the year.  It just so happens to be some of our busiest times.  We cannot forget about the impact on our workers.  The heat can effect all of us in many ways.  Most of the time we focus what it does to us physically.  Ie… heat stroke, heat cramps, fatigue, dehydration, and death.  These are all real possibilities.  
We need to be paying very close attention to everybody.  We need to make sure we have Fresh Clean and free water available for all employees.  On these hot days we need to provide a cool down area.  Whether it is in the AC’d job shack or in a shaded area preferably out of the hole.  Let them get a nice breeze running over their bodies.  That is one of the best ways to cool down.  Evaporation.  Make sure we are all looking out for one an other.  

I also want to add the effects are not always bodily.  A hot day, where you are working hard, keeping up with our production requirements can cause mental fatigue.  The heat can effect your decision making skills, your reaction times, and your awareness.  I was so hot one time on a turf field that before I passed out I had no idea where I was or what I was doing.  On a football field that is dangerous, on a job site, like ours, it is downright deadly.   99% of our workers will work themselves to that point.  They all have so much invested in our company that they would work themselves to collapse if we are asking them too.  
Don’t do that.  Be the leaders of your crew.  
Make the call to take a 10 min break or a 20 min break if needed.  All the PRODUCTION in the world cannot justify working someone to the point of collapse.  Remember, that person probably has a family they are the sole provider for.  We count of them to do their best at work, but their families are counting on them to come home healthy and ready for play time.  

Drink lots of water, have cool down areas, and allow your workers to take plenty of breaks.  Have a great day I will see you in the field.  

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