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Utility Strikes

Matt Jannings
Dec 18, 2019 1:54:37 PM
I would like to start a conversation about Utilities.  It continues to be a huge problem.  All your hard work, the quality of your work, your budget management can all be erased in 1 utility strike.  It could be a gas line that takes hours to shut off, or a power line that either kills or shuts the power down for an entire neighborhood.  It could be a lateral that fills a main sewer line up with concrete.  
In almost every case we as a company take the entire impact of the costs.  All your hard work to keep your project in the black can be flushed away.  So what can we do different here?    We brought in specialist to teach us how to mitigate and prevent a strike, we have pre cons discussing what to watch out for and yet we are still hitting them.  
I don’t want you to think this is a complaint session or finger pointing.  I myself have hit utilities and run projects where utilities were hit.  I just genuinely care about each and every one of you.  I also deeply care about this company that we have all worked so hard to build.   

The Market for bidding projects is so competitive by hitting one sewer line puts us in the position where we are buying projects.  No company can survive this for long.  What I am trying to do here is reaching out to the Men doing the work.  We as a team need to come up with a solution for this.  The average of statistics state we will eventually hurt someone if this trend continues.  As a team I believe we can solve this issue.  
The quality of minds we have at our disposal is impressive.  What do you all say?  How can we prevent future impacts?  Please don’t take any of this as an attack.  I really do understand how hard it is out there.  I just hope we can all work towards a solution.   I look forward to hearing from all of you and your thoughts.  Thanks for your time.  

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