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Stand Down This Morning

Matt Jannings
Dec 18, 2019 12:34:00 PM
Throughout our projects there are times where we need to move materials through tight situations.  Yesterday we were moving a 50 foot long beam on a project and there was a narrow area to move through.  The operator did what a lot of us would have done.  He came at the narrow spot at an angle got one end of the beam past the light pole then as he drove forward had to boom out to make sure as he turned back on track the beam wouldn’t come in contact with the light pole.  This caused the load to move just outside the chart and caused the forklift to tilt forward.  The operator retracted the boom in a controlled motion and brought the rear end down gently. 
This morning I would like you to get with your crews and have a 15 min forklift class.
  1. Go over the load chart.  And how to read it.
  2. Go over how to calculate the weight of the load being picked
  3. Explain what the fulcrum is.
  4. Reiterate the importance of the equipment inspection.
  5. Talk about the importance of spotters.
  6. Talk about the importance of placement of the load on the forks.
  7. If the load is awkward talk about how to properly strap down the load.
  8. Explain how to move up and down a slope.
  9. Don’t forget to remind seat belts at all times.
I would like you to have everyone sign your morning safety sheet with the forklift stand down listed at the top for collection when Connor and I come around to your site next.  This incident was a lucky pass.  Next time the load could fall off and the rear end could come crashing down and crush someone or destroy the fork lift.  We must take these as serious lessons.  If we just let them pass as another hazard to the job we will not improve.  We must take every opportunity available to be the best we can be.  Thanks for your time. 

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