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Phone Use on Jobsites

Matt Jannings
Jul 28, 2019 11:09:00 AM

I received a tip yesterday about someone in a forklift talking on the phone while operating.  They also informed me of an individual spotting a truck backing up while on the phone.  Both these instances are highly against our rules and regulations.  That kind of distraction can put you or someone else in harms way.  Some of you may remember a death incident that happen at the construction of the upper tram when a skilled experienced worker was walking and talking and was crushed to death. 

Oregon and Washington have both made it a punishable offense to be looking at your phone or holding it and talking on your phone.  I bet most of you think you are smarter than most and no way you could be distracted.  But are you truly being honest with yourselves?  I can tell you from experience you are distracted.  Have you missed your turn that you have been planning on making due to you receiving a phone call on your hands free system? I have. 

Don’t let your ego get in the way, how can we improve otherwise?  These talking points apply doubly on a construction site. 

  1. If a foreman leaves the site, designate a person to receive phone calls.
  2. Store phones in your lunchbox or pocket
  3. If expecting urgent news, make it clear to your supervisor before the start of the shift, and exit all work zones before using your device.
  4. Violation of these rules is an automatic write up

I am taking this very serious, as should all of you.  The only exception I can think of is if there is a mechanical engineer on the other line and you are trouble shooting a system.  I will be paying attention.  Not only am I obligated but I care deeply about  keeping us safe even if from ourselves. 

Thank you for your time and thank you for all your hard work.  Please share this with all your crews.  

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