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Manlift incident



Matt Jannings
Dec 6, 2019 11:01:20 AM
Recently,  one of our jobs we were backfilling a lagging wall.  It was high enough due to excavation that we needed to use a man-lift to hold the hose from the pump truck.  While we were filling the operator in the man-lift noticed smoke coming from the engine compartment.  
He quickly lowered the basket ran over to the house and located the culprit.  The small electrical box in the engine compartment was smoking.  Employee shut the battery off, then the employee was attempting to smother the fire as another employee was grabbing the fire extinguisher located on the equipment.  The smoldering was unsuccessful.  The extinguisher needed to be discharged.  
Fire out, and equipment red tagged.   Well, done.  
 I also want to add that just the day before this man-lift was inspected and approved to receive its annual certification.  It just goes to show that even if everything is done right there is still a chance for the unknown.  As I was learning about this the term "trust but verify" came to mind, but in this case the failure would have been very unlikely discovered.  
So let's take this lesson, we can trust things are done but don’t let complacency sneak its way into our activities.  I am not saying the operator was complacent.  He reacted and acted commendably.  I am simply stating that we put a lot of trust in equipment.  This just reiterates the importance of actually looking and completing the daily equipment inspections.  
I know none of you want to be responsible for a tragedy.   I also want to recognize Connor for championing the fire extinguishers on site.  Without the extinguisher on the equipment this may have been a very different email.  Thank you and have a great day.  

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