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Closing Thoughts on 2019



Matt Jannings
Jan 6, 2020 12:21:42 PM

The year 2019 has flown by. As a company we have faced many challenges, new procedures, new safety regulations, new policies. With all the challenges I am happy to say that everyone of you have stepped up to the plate and did your very best. Not everybody hit a home run, but that isn’t reality. Inevitably, we will always have a "lesson learned" moment.

I will say this, everybody performed in a way that made this year our best. The amount of jobs completed, the quality of work, and our production has been impressive.  On the safety side we can always do better. All injuries and incidents are glimpses into the possibilities and it is important that we pay very close attention to the details.

No matter how many policies we put in place there are still incidents that occur. All I ask is you all do your best to
recognize our dangerous activities and we adjust to make sure we are not making the same mistakes twice. Through the lessons learned emails we do our best to share these occurrences, and to educate our crews of the possibilities.

This year we have worked very hard on our communication. In 2019 we started having regular foreman meetings and bi-weekly scheduling meetings. These meetings have been a critical step in our yearly success. What’s the most important about these meetings is that they do not descend into chaos. They are productive and informative. I look forward to attending them in the upcoming year. Let’s continue to bring forth positivity and esprits de corps: It is essential for our company to be successful.

Our success isn’t without extreme dedication and fortitude on the ground. Starting with the bidding process. Working through all the minute details. Then the project must be designed. Have you all seen the existing utility plans? It is a complete cluster. Our foreman takes this design, while working through their crews to bring these products to life. Some projects are the typical "run of the mill".

It actually takes us longer to set the project up than to complete the work. Some projects were logistical nightmares. Washington Park, the largest, longest project we had ever attempted up to its completion. By the end of that project we were given one of the biggest compliments you could receive from a top General Contractor: “We couldn’t have done this without you”. Wow, what an amazing thing to hear.

On the ground it was a daily challenge. Pushing our workers to new levels. We can look back at those challenges and yes at the time they were daunting but we planned and executed. It’s important we go through these challenges. No person or company grows wise without trials and tribulations. We must always keep that in mind. Those trials are building the foundation for your future knowledge.

The next time you start a job with challenges you can draw on those experiences and you will know how to
handle it. You could always say “I have seen worse”.

This year we also started our next major project. It will surpass WAPA in scope and scale.  Oh - and by the way we need to complete it in half the time. Without those challenges at WAPA we may have said it is impossible. Well, that word isn’t in our company manual. Not only are we killing it but yet again we were told no other company could have done what we are currently doing.

But the compliments didn’t stop there.

We were also told that our foreman is the best they had ever worked with. Hearing that from this General Contractor overflowed me with pride. I understand how dynamic and challenging that project is, and to receive a complement like that is amazing. Cory Perron, well done sir. You deserve a hearty callout for your management of that project.

2019 brought us a new solo general Superintendent. Ryan started running the companies field operations this year. It is not an easy job. You never have the right personnel, or the right equipment ready, and wouldn’t you know it we needed to be there last week. I don’t think Ryan receives the Kudos he deserves to run a field operation as complex as ours. Finding the right person for the job is something we as a company have excelled at.

I truly believe we have the best crews, foreman, superintendents, project managers, managers, and office staff
around. I am very proud of you all. I can’t believe I am in the same group as all of you outstanding individuals. It is an honor.

Yet, there is still room for improvement. 2019 hasn’t been our best year in the Safety realm. This year we saw 2 major injuries both requiring surgical repair. Both injuries occurred to long time employees; Nearly 40 years’ experience between the two of them. We strive to be injury/incident free but I am also a realist.

I understand that you cannot guarantee no injuries but to plan and do our due diligence is our responsibility. It is the responsibility of every person wearing the Pacific Foundation logo to do their best not only for themselves but all those around. We are a family that is here for one another, and sometimes families can be critical.

If you received a verbal warning or others know this, as a company we care very deeply about each and everyone of you. Sometimes tough love is necessary. Sometimes we need to protect you all from yourselves. This year also brought us a doubling of our safety department. For Connor's short time here, he has been making a very important impact. Sometimes bringing in a person to regulate and correct can breed negativity, but I am very pleased that all of you have accepted him into our elite group. Thank you all for that.

Our next year together will undoubtedly be dubbed "The Year of Hindsight". We will face many challenges together. We will experience hardships and joyful moments. When you find yourselves deep in the thought of what’s next, use the best tools you have: Your past experiences that have built you layer by layer into the man or woman you are today.

I am looking forward to our forthcoming year together. As we face the challenges head on, I take pleasure in knowing I have all of you and your layers standing beside us. Remember it is all of you and your dedication to the common goal that makes Pacific Foundation the type of place it is today. With all of us standing side by side forging the rivers of time I see no end to our success. Keep planning, stay aware, and keep building your layers. It is amazing we all get to experience this ride together.

Things will continue to change and adapt in the construction industry for the foreseeable future.
Expect more red tape, more policies, and more requirements. I am sure the amount of paperwork to be
completed will bring the Boreal Forest to its knees, but it doesn’t matter, our group, our company will
be ready for the challenges. Forward thinking and great personnel: It is our recipe for success.

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