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Matt Jannings
Dec 18, 2019 1:23:11 PM

When you are on a project for months on end and you have no issues with your Klemm, how many of you are checking the hydraulic lines and air lines that are running throughout the Klemm.  Do you have any whip checks on the airlines running through the boom.   

One of our employees informed me that he was working on a Klemm and the air line on the boom of the drill was not even hand tight.   With the lines so close in proximity to our workers if a connection fails and that 2 inch line whips around and hits an employee in the face or the neck it could cause serious damage.  Not to mention that there are many dangerous areas on the front of the drill. 

The tenders need to be 100% focused at all times.  A blown air line might be the distraction needed for someone to make a terrible mistake of hand placement, or wrong pull of the lever. 

Although we do have an amazing team of mechanics we cannot rely on them for every little detail.  It is your teammates working the controls and tending.  It will be them who are directly affected by an event such as a blown airline.  Daily inspections cannot be overlooked. 

We should be taking an hour a week to have your operators and  tenders do a detailed inspection of pins, joints, connections etc.…  As I have said in many previous safety briefs, we can't let production put us in a position where we are taking short cuts in maintenance.  

In my eyes maintenance is more than checking oil.  The operators should know their drills.  Thank you all for your time.

- Matt Jannings
CHST Safety Director

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